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Made in India. Made for India

India is a born leader, and like many of the countries leader have believed, India is destined to play an extremely important role in leading the world in the right direction. For India to truly play the role it is meant to, it is extremely important that it realizes its potential to the fullest. Eyeing at this dream Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi flagged the Make In India campaign in September 2014 which cannot be achieved without achieving a completely Digital India, a campaign he flagged in June 2015. Keeping this as the base we in October 2015 started working on a platform which envisions these dreams and is a truly Made In India product, primarily Made for India but has the potential to take on the world.


The biggest tech companies globally, in their road map into the future have put great emphasis on Chat Bots and we are able to see their work take shape but the problem is that none of these giants are building the products with India in mind. India is a land of great diversity, language here takes a twist at an average of every 3 Km, there are a lot of factors which may seem completely unrelated to the business but have a huge impact on how the customers interact with a business. The requirements of the business and the expectations of the customer from the business is much more varied in India as compared globally.


In the Indian market building and deploying Artificial Intelligence is a humongous task, piling on which there is a challenge to implement NLP (natural language processing) due to the varied dialects and language patterns spanning only a few kilometers. We have built ZiPi keeping in mind the same, for us AI has a completely different perspective, for us it is Assisted Interface.


We believe that if it isn’t for Assisted Interface, nobody will be able to build a product truly for India and with a vision to include everybody in it. Any product that is not using Assisted Interface will find itself restricted only to a very small population of this vast expanse. Therefore, we believe that ZiPi truly is a product Made in India. Made for India

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